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here in maryland. a big mess is left to clean up in one spot, ocean city, we first began reporting the problems as san day made her way to landfall. tim is live. >> reporter: the freezing rain has let up a bit. we are getting it on and off and the wind gusts that you saw yesterday are gone. sandy was the uponster that we all -- monster that we all feared. it's going to take days to determine the devastation. millions of americans are waking up impacted. 5million americans are without power this morning. new york city, lower manhattan devastated, encountered severe flooding, stock exchange is not going to open today. new jersey, parts of new jersey are completely under water. people needing to be rescued and evacuated. one hospital in lower manhattan had to be evacuated. small babies. it was a devastating storm, enormous surge, 13 feet in new york city. people stranded all throughout the region and 8 states that are going to have snow. >> tim, where you are in ocean city, maryland, there at the point of the atlantic ocean, you are trapped there. there was a mandatory evacuation set
enough as it is. job charles will throw out the first pitch. the city fire department will bring out the colors for everyone to see. >>> a high school student shot at perry hall high school, got to throw out the first pitch. his guidance counselor tossed the ball. he was is not the cafeteria. the guidance counselor is credited with tackling the gunman and keeping everyone safe. >>> we have a special section on our website, dedicated to the orioles magic of the season. log on to abc 2, finds the latest o's news and pictures, everything you want, you can have the opportunity to show off your orioles pride. before the o's took the field, we were watching the other birds in town , the baltimore ravens, they were in kansas city taking on the chiefs and squeaked out a win. it was pitiful. the final score, there 9-6, it was a battle of the kickers, neither side scored a touchdown, the entire game. the ravens are 4-1, on top of the a the fc north. the ravens will be home this coming sunday to take on the dallas cowboy, kickoff is 1:00. a long standing r
city, we are dealing with another accident on frank first, at hanover street. if you are traveling through the fort mc henry, there is nothing to get in your way, harbor ton leal be clear. here is what the west side looks like at baltimore national pike, no problems what solve, it will be clear from 795 rs down to 95. >>> baltimore county firefighter is charged with sexually abusing two teen boys. linda so is life at county police headquarter with the latest. it seems police are working to get the man's photograph out there. why are they doing that? >> reporter: police believe there are victims who have yet to come forward. parents, take a good look at this picture. 23 year old, anthony cotel of owings mills is accused of sexually abusing two, 14-year- old boys. one of the victims contacted police last week and told them cotel abused him while living with his family and said he witnessed cotel abusing one of his friend's at his house. cotel is a probationary firefighter with the baltimore county fire department and active volunteer with the landsdown firefighter department, he has
started the fire. >>> if -- two no leads or suspects in two shootings forbaltimore city detectives. first sunday morning on north de -- belnord. a man walked into a hospital after being shot on westington street. >>> the liquor board has a scheduled hearing for 2 in the afternoon to discuss the future of the bar that captured headlines this summer following two murderers in july. a security guard was stabbed to death while breaking up a fight. >>> and the trial for robert jarrett is set to begin today. jar set charged with killing his first -- jarrett is charged with killing his first wife and burying her beneath the shed in their home. the remains were found in rilafter his current wife gave police permission to search the property. >>> chefs from all over baltimore are coming together this evening supporting a campaign aimed at fighting childhood hunger. share our strength no kid hungry campaign teaches families how to cook healthy affordable meals. >>> high school students took to the streets with a message. the group intersection went door to door through northeast baltimore asking ot
. if you are going anywhere, definitely call ahead first. >>> subway system, the city streets, sandy is making a mess of lands marks all over new york city. >> how the super storm took a bite out of one of the buildings in the big apple. . a live shot at the nation's capitol, the capitol building along the mall. see the winds whipping the flags. [ female announcer ] having grands biscuits in the morning is easy. pop them in, go about your business, and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >>> now, super storm sandy, a live shot in coney island, much of this amusement park, under water is beginning tuesday. a lot of new york and lower manhattan are under water this morning, too. >> new york was hit hard by this storm. the city that never sleeps in the dark, we are talking about roads, subways, they are floo
city, on frank first at handover street. if you are traveling through the tunnels, no problems through the fort mc henry or harbor tunnel. harrisburg expressway, here is a live look, north of the beltway, not too many cars. a nice ride once you get onto the jfx in to the city, no delays now. 11 minutes from the beltway down to fayette street. if you are traveling on 695, here is what it looks like in overly, bel air, inner loop 95. >>> five things you need to know on this tuesday morning for example you have been to the pump, you may notice a drop in the cost of fuel. nationwide, the average cost for a gallon of gas is $3.80, two cents lower than a week ago. the average per gallon around baltimore, stands at $3.68 , the price is above the $0.37 higher than it was this time a year ago. >>> recall on peanut butter maybe bigger than first thought. the list includes nut butters made with almonds, cash cashews and sesame seeds. >>> lance armstrong is coming to our area. armstrong is taking part in a cancer survival panel at centennial high school at howard county and taking part in a triath
this city has seen before. for the first time since 9/11, all bridges and tunnels leading in and out of the city are closed down, and this is what manhattan looks like tonight. eerily dark and quiet as this massive superstorm has left half of the city without power and partially under water. at nyu hospital one of the biggest in the city and the country, the backup generators have failed forcing rescue personnel to evacuate patients. this historic storm tonight is wreaking havoc up and down the atlantic seaboard from the carolinas to connecticut, claiming at least ten lives so far. flooding entire towns, causing blackouts across the midatlantic and midwest and snoerms frwstor maryland to tennessee. juju chang spent the day in lower manhattan and comes to us from the dangerously flooded streetings. what is the latest? >> reporter: we've sent much of this evening wading through the floodwaters ofmanhattan, through the evacuation zone, this storm now has the dubious distinction of setting a record for a record storm surge but it's deceptively calm now, not a lot of rain or wind, we're p
say the men abducted several victims from bus stops in baltimore county and the city. the first two cases involved teen girls who were abducted from a bus stop in catensville, held at gunpoint and then sexually assaulted. then a man and woman were abducted near a mta bus stop in the city. the woman was robbed and then let go. >> very traumatic to me and it's also very scary that you can't stand on a street corner to get a bus and not feel safe. >>reporter: now, police believe there may be more victims who have yet to come forward. if this case sounds familiar to you, please call police in baltimore county or the city. we're live at county headquarters, linda stow, abc 2 news. >>> baltimore police are on hunt this morning for an escaped prisoner. according to police, the unidentified man ran off last night while being transported in the northeast district. they say the prisoner who was still wearing handcuffs when he got away was still seen in a wooded area in the 900 block of argon drive. >>> good news for those of you living in west baltimore, truck 10 will stay open. officials
down here. >> if the sich wawingtuations changes we will be the first to tell you. >> view video on the city docks in annapolis. the water swelled and leaked over the wall and took the town over. stores here in downtown have high water marks and this one won't erase the memory or the mark of isabel. there is some damage in ocean city, but they are cleaning up, not rebuilding. we have more from there tonight. >> reporter: power is still out in large sections but the flood waters have begun to recede and no injuries or deaths. now is the time for a big cheen up. this is where the bar and restaurant at the bay side got hit hard by the hurricane. >> the gazebo is gone and the board walk they were rebuilding is in a parking lot. they did salvage the new angles. they hope to reopen by this weekend. >> let's get at it. >> reporter: crews have been restoring power and a large part of the pier did fall victim and they will inspect the dew system that held back sandy and want to make sure it can hold pack the next one. >> we will go back and see if it needs immediately or it can wait. >> r
of things that the city will tolerate. that's the first and most important fact. we put the center back together. it took $1 million to renovate this building. we wanted to make sure people understand the sacrifice angela and her husband and the children made, we want to make sure the message is sent out that the city won't tolerate this kind of behavior. we anticipate the 10th anniversary of the dawson murders, it was devastating to all of us, i was there that night. it affected the pain i feel today it has not changed when you see five kids taken out of a house. it's the kind of thing we don't want to have happen in the city again. >> thank you for joining us this morning and talking to us. we appreciate it. that event to honor the family kicks off at 6:00 tonight. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> been re than a month since the terror attack in libya. >> a member of the obama administration is taking the blame. why hilary clinton says the responsibility rests with her. >>> it's been more than a month since attack on the united states consulate in libya. it killed four americans includi
his mark. first, thodges batts will have to get through the confirmation hearings. rosie? >> the city council chamber is packed with not only the city council but others. we get to hear from acting commissioner anthony batts. he has an interesting resume. he is also a lecturer at harford and has a ph.d in public administration. he said crime is more than stats and numbers that crime is about people. he wants to impact people and neighborhoods in this city. here's what he had to say. >> sharing my goal to build on positive community interaction. earning count trust will come with time and with hard work and our actions will speak louder than our words. without trust from the public we cannot and we will not succeed. >> one of the things that he also talked about, he says he wants to change a few things in the city, some of the internal structures. he said there's also a need to basically improve some of the physical aspect, vehicles, radio system. he wants to build a good working relationship with the union and the community and that hearing is continuing. council is about to start ask
and the city. the first two cases involved teen girls who were abducted from a bus stop in catensville, held at gunpoint and sexually assaulted. then just the other day police say the suspects abducted a man and a woman near the mta bus stop on liberty heights in the city. the man was able to get away quickly, the woman was robbed and then let go. similar cases prompted detectives in both the city and county to start working together and that's how they tracked down the suspects. baltimore city detectives were able to get a partial tag, officers from both jurisdictions began to work together, investigating these incidents. they were able to identify the owner of the vehicle used and connect one of the suspects to the owner. >>reporter: now, police believe that there may be more victims out there that have yet to come forward. if these cases sound familiar to you, please call police in baltimore county or the city. we're live at county police headquarters, linda stow, abc 2 news. >>> it looked like a makeshift zoo in pasadena, 40 animals were pulled out of the home, not just dogs and birds,
and the city. the first two cases involve teen girls who were abducted from a bus stop in catensville, held at gunpoint and sexually assaulted. just the other day police say the suspects abducted a man and a woman near the mta bus stop on liberty heights in the city. the man was able to get away pretty quickly, the woman was robbed and then let go. >> very traumatic and it's also very scary that you can't stand on the street corner to get a bus and not feel safe. >>reporter: now, police believe there are more victims out there who have yet to come forward. if these cases sound familiar to you, please call police in baltimore county or the city. we're live at county police headquarters, linda stow, abc 2 news. >>> seven minutes after 6:00 right now. we do want to let you know that due to the fog there are several delays this morning. cecil county schools on a two- hour delay, no morning pre-k there. >>> also coming up this morning, tonight is going to be a very big night. >>> and the first of three presidential debates will take place. we'll tell you what to expect and what issues will be
and this is the first time baltimore goes there as a playoff contender. jamie costello tells us this morning exactly what the city of new york did with that old ball park. >> reporter: game 3 tonight and the best of 5 series here atyankees stadium. orioles gone discal ease against -- gonzales against theyank yankees. and unget -- yankees. fall has fallen on yankee stadium. this is the original field of old yankees stadium. home plate where dempsey used to drop two fingers and palmer would high kick. the meeting place for all out of towners and an exercise area, handball court, and a track. right in the middle of a nice turf field with soccer or football every night. but it's october, and the orioles are the one who is find themselves in the middle of the baseball universe. game time tonight is 7:37. if you are thinking about driving up from baltimore to be here tonight, on the street and stub hub they are selling tickets for $50 to get inside the door. we will see you tonight live at 5, 6 and 11:00 news. in the bronx with the orioles, jamie costello for good morning maryland. >> reporter: all right.
in a story we have been following. >> baltimore city police have identified the officers involved in the death of a suspect in police custody. >> those officers are detective greg boyd -- anthony anderson died more than a week ago. police first said he died choking undrapings but the autopsy showed that wasn't the case. they are on administrative duties as the investigation continues. >> the orioles are going to texas. last year they ended with a 69- 93 record. this year it's a turned around. 93-59. slugging the most home runs ever by an orioles team but this is evan longoria night. three homers, in the 4-1 win but the wild card team. a win there sends them back home to camden yards. stop it, don't want to see that. ? the orioles have a day to get ready for the game. >> now it comes down to the wild card game on friday night. we are live in saint pete. a rough night to watch. >> reporter: it was. a lot of fans waiting for something to happen. they haven't done anything the easy way. they figured why start now? when it was a rough night for the orioles bats again which was the s
.com/mobile to download right now. >>> baltimore city police need your help. the first victim a 40-year-old woman was walking to her collar about 2:00 this morning on roland avenue. two men came up with a gun and forced her into the car. the car is described as a silver four-door stratus. the men took her to an atm, made her take out money and let her go. 10 minutes later, police say they struck again. >> this 19-year-old victim was riding his bike on roland avenue. they struck this victim with the car. the victim fell off the bicycle and then made sure he was okay. at that point they forced him into their vehicle. >> he was robbed and eventually dropped off as well. police have increased the number of officers but they are asking anyone who may have seen the car to call 911 rote away. >>> video out of miami beach. hurricane sandy is producing high winds and waves. by tomorrow expect waves up to 15 feet high. >> whatever happens in florida, we want to know will it affect us here. let's find out from meteorologist wyatt everhart with the latest on sandy's path. >>> she is a hurricane, now moving t
. >> reporter: what do you want the community to get out of this? >> first and foremost, make sure people understand the city has taken steps to make sure this never happens again in the city. we are conscious when people call us about concerns when drug dealers or people are doing things to disrupt the community, we are anticipating what action we can take when we have the matters. those are the kinds of things we want the community to understand. >> reporter: i understand you were instrumental in the monument. what is going through your minds as we honor them tonight. what do you want the community to know moving forward? >> reporter: it's a good feeling to know we turned this house that was a modest $12,000 in value after it was burnt, and scorched at the time, and we put a million two to make sure the place remain in tact for the memory of the dawson family. it creates environment for children, to have a safe haven throughout the city. we would like to do more throughout the city. that's the goal. >> reporter: thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. that event is at 6
minutes of each other. this happened in baltimore city at roland park. the first victim was a 40-year- old woman walking to her car about 2:00 in the morning. this is on roland avenue. two men with a gun came up and they forced her into the car. the car is described as a silver four door dodge stratus. the woman told detectives the men took her to an atm and then they released her. just ten minutes later police say they struck again. >> this 19-year-old victim was riding his bike on the 5500 block of roland aver. they struck with -- avenue. they struck this victim with their car. the victim fell off his bicycle. they then went up to him with the guise of making sure he was okay and then at that point they forced him into their vehicle. >> he was robbed and eventually dropped off as well. the number of officers in the area has increased if you have any information on these abductions police would like to hear from you. >>> there's no doubt about it if you're a parent opportunity best when it comes to -- you want the best when it comes to keeping your child safe. that includes the car seat y
that in new york city, parts of lower manhattan, floodeds and that the stock exchange is not going to open today for a second straight day, the first time weather has forced the stock exchange to close for two days since the 1800s. here in ocean city maryland, we are trapped here, because there were roads that closed, bridges that closed, people are hunkering down. there is 8 states this morning that have snow. bad weather still out there. >> i know yesterday when we were checking in with you, there was a different scene, a lot of wind and rape. one story out of ocean city, iconic pier that's important to people, it's destroyed. have you heard from anybody or had a chance to talk to anyone or is is it a ghost town? >> reporter: the pier was destroyed and floated awaivment the bigger concern is the bay. the water is rushing up on to streets. it's making life very difficult, folks are stuck in hotels or stuck where ever they are. it's a rough scene in a nice resort that so many people vacation in. >> live of how things were riding out the storm. >> absolutely. it's the situation for a lot o
and almost hits hoke. play the game. yankees orioles, series tied at two, season series tied at 11, first 1-12 wins, wins. they say they can't imagine what the city is going to be like when they return from detroit. one week ago tonight i was standing in texas doing live shots from down there in a game that the texas rangers didn't want to be playing in. they came up flat. here we go again, yankees, do they want to be here tonight? no, they should have closed it out tonight. the stadium is half empty now. we will see how it goes. it gave the opportunity for orioles fans to come up here. people after the game last night, some people went in stub hub right then and bought tickets. others were like this morning, should we do it. it's a be.5 hour drive. people bought the tickets and drove up here. they are here to support the orioles, we heard a loud o during the national anthem. here is what some of the fans had to say going in. >> i immediately weapon on stub hub and bought the tickets within ten minutes. i knew i was going to be here. >> we were going to come up yesterday but lost the night
league divisional series. the first pitch is more than 12 hours away. we have time but the city is getting pumped and getting fans ready. charley crowson is live down at city hall. with the latest on how they plan to roll out the orange carpet a little later today. >> reporter: do you say 12 hours? >> yes, i did. longer than that? >> reporter: yeah who's counting, though. 12 hours but who's counting. the city getting ready for the game 3 in new york. you will see a lot of the city turning orange. we have the leg mason building on orange and sports legends by camden yards orange. and lit up nice and orange. streetlights outside city hall is is orange. all get ragedy for the continual divisional series between baltimore and new york on the road in the big apple. but this morning at 10:30, there will be a city wide pep rally outside city hall. mayor stephanie rawlings blake sent the message out around 4 calling orioles fans to come out and bring the same spirit and voice they took with them to game 2 monday night when they hit decibel readings of 120 decibels like a rock concert in
the west coast. >> utah, salt lake city, first snow of the season. we'll show you pictures in the next half hour. >> thank you. >>> coming up, meet the real-life home alone girl, the brave 10-year-old who foiled a home invasion with a dramatic 911 call. >>> and can you imagine ross and rachel not ending up together? the creator behind "friends" reveals how one of the most beloved couples almost didn't make it. >>> and these parents getting payback when their daughter misbehaves. why it's stirring so much debate right now. >>> and one of the biggest weddings of the year. justin and jessica, brand-new photos. a lot of details, coming up. [ male announcer ] we're all on a journey to financial independence. ♪ whether you're just beginning the journey... ♪ ...starting a family... ♪ ...or entering a new chapter of your life. while the journey is yours, pacific life can help you protect and grow the assets you'll need along the way. to learn how, visit pacific life. the power to help you succeed. just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. o
can have free flu shot on first come first serve basis on saturday october 16th at 5 locations around the city. >>> and electric cars are better for the environment? listen to this. some researchers say electric cars may not actually be better. and that's because of factories like the electric cars they emit so much more toxic waste than conventional ones. they say production for the environmentally friendly cars require more chemicals. this report was published in the journal of industrial ecology. something to keep in mind this morning. >>> the ravens are used to some of the time away from the field. they are using it to help get promotional things done especially when it comes to help with youth in baltimore. coming up next, where to catch your favorite players as they work out and work to get young people to exercise and eat healthy. what the two vice presidential candidates have to say about their showdown this week. >> so break your mobile phones out and head to our app store and down load the app. temperatures at westminster 45 and cloudy skies. and showers around the area. tho
%. with the success of the first ever komen race for the cure in ocean city. the group didn't expect to be this far behind with their goals. they have called those who aren't running in the race for the cure later this month to find out why. people right now saying that they are hurt by the economy and that there are a lot of other charities. >> search for the cure is going to go on and if we slow down any of the money that's being given to the organization it's going to slow down that work. >> earlier this year, komen national cut funding to planned parenthood and then reversed its decision three days later. local chapter never dealt with planned parenthood. >>> the race for the cure in hunt valley in a pew weeks. last year's race here and still time for you to get involved this year. you can walk, run, and all of the monies raised go to breast cancer research and treatment in our area. it happens sunday, october 21st in hunt valley. go to for more information. >>> there's no doubt about it if you want to catch a fun movie, even tv shows you've always got netflix, itunesand
the day. as the orioles come back to have that first playoff game in town maybe not the best weather for it but i don't think anybody will carat that point. take a look at the weather in the city. not so bad. 79, the sun coming out. dew point 61 and the key difference tonight compared to the last two, fog is going to be a nonissue. we will look for dryer, move pleasant conditions overnight as the wins turn northwesterly. weather in motion through the day from dundock. cloudy through most of the day and then the sun. finally breaking through. making an appearance late in the day. same deal in belaire as we look at the heart of hartford. then the sun breaking through nicely late in the day. view from the naval academy. nice looking situation in to the open chesapeake. wind from the north and west around five to ten. breezy conditions, chance in wind direction. that's key into october and november. it's all about wind direction with that south breeze. warm and humid. winds turn northwesterly. already the humidity dropping, seeing dryer -- it's still muggy. little broader perspective and
. >> new york city practically cut off from the outside world for the first time since 9/11 attack -- attacks. we'll talk to a city official about what's ahead when we come back. you are watching "world news now." about what's ahead when we come back. you are watching "world news now." septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture, it helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand. and you can use up to four times less. charmin ultra strong. >>> more than 8 million people live here in new york city and millions more travel here every day to work. but right now all the subways, all the sub
and between somewhere and maryland and new york city. here's the setup that the colder air beginning to make its push as it goes into the first half. sandy will begin to edge up into the carolinas. the cold air marching in. that will help connect with sandy. here are the two potential tracks, mike masco putting this graphic together. you can see the winds gusting. if we get that track into maryland, into delaware, that's the more concerning track for us here locally. perhaps, though, we'll get that more northern track which will bring it toward long island new york. there could still be coastal flooding. we'll have a winds wrapping around out of the west. that's going to pile up chesapeake bay. overall we'll have an impact no matter what. major storm potential, long duration event. we will see the crawl. we'll have wind and rain each of those days much the flood potential will be there. how much depends on the exact final track of the storm. we'll have a better handle friday into saturday. here we go 58 degrees, mostly cloudy. tomorrow, no big deal, cool and misty, mostly cloudy at 68. the n
live here are new york city firefighters and first responders. people who have done so much to help so many over so much time, where helpless to save their own homes as they burned down on monday night. there's still pockets of smoldering fire in all of this wreckage behind me. just a few moments ago, a fire engine was just pulled up over here, wading again through floodwaters, trying to put out some of those fires. if you look over my shoulder here, george and amy, straight there is the ocean. that's the atlantic ocean. usually there would be rows and rows, blocks and blocks of homes. this morning, a straight shot to the ocean. people vowed to come back here. but looking at the destruction, it's hard to believe that's going to happen anytime soon. >> a landscape has been changed completely. >>> one of the most heart-stopping events of the storm, the emergency evacuation of a major downtown hospital in manhattan, including newborns from a critical care unit. david muir has more on the heroes who got everyone out safe and sound. so many stories from that night. >> reporter: they really
'll sew a lot of wind, a lot of rain. we have more coming up. >>> the city of baltimore has taken steps. there are several things you can do. first, they say make sure you have a battery powered radio, flashlights and enough water to last three days. make sure to clear debris from your neighborhood storm drains. >>> sandy is already makes its mark on florida. tropical storm warnings have been issued. we'll take you live to delray beach and check in with our sister station for the latest. >>> he had come to visit family members on leave from the military. >> but the 24-year-old sailor had his trip and life cut short last week when he was gunned down in baltimore. >> reporter: at this point police have no suspects and few witnesses to the shooting. they just know someone fired multiple shots killing the sailor before driving away. tucked inside the road, betty heard the distinctive sounds of gunfire. >> me and my friends heard five gunshots. >> reporter: when she opened the streed someone on marbourn avenue asked for help. he said get me a towel. he said i don't think he will make it. >>
to watch some of our progress slow down a little bit. >> even with the success of the first ever komen race for the cure here in ocean city, nobody thought it was going to get this bad. >> it's easy to hang in there when you really believe in the cause and you believe in the mission and you believe in the work. >> 18 days away from the 20th race for the cure in hunt valley and programs are wobbling. women trying to copay for breast cancer treatment may not be able to. single moms may not be able to afford to put food in front of their children. >> that means that women may not be screened. >> how did we get here? is this a factor? earlier this year komen national cut funding to planned parenthood. did the controversy hit the local chapter? >> i honestly don't think that specifically the planned parenthood did. i think there's confusion with the national organization and the local organization and the difference between us. >> and the difference is, the local never dealt with planned parenthood. >> planned parenthood has never asked us for funding. >> they have called those who find out why
did not mince words at all. >>> first residents of a new york city apartment building were settling in for a quiet evening when suddenly they heard what they describe as blood curdling screams. >> the screams turned out to be a young mom returning home to find what can only be described as an utterly horrific scene. wabc's report has the details. >>> 5:30 p.m., horror on the city's upper west side. [ sirens blaring ] in the middle of the evening rush -- a frantic dash to save lives. and to figure out what happened in this luxury apartment building on west 75th street. >> i just saw people rushing to the streets right here. and, you know personnel coming. people, and i thought maybe it was like something exciting going on. >> reporter: it was murder on the second floor in an apartment, a woman comes home to find two of her children murdered in a bathtub, the nanny on the floor, a kitchen knife nearby. >> a mother returned with her 3-year-old child from swimming lessons. she enters her apartment. the apartment is dark, a time when she goes looking for her children, and enters the bath
at an airport. sarah high schoolen beck talked with her. >> this was 13 days after my first chemo. >> reporter: and the friends that encouraged her fight. last week she flew from kansas city to indianapolis to sell are bait her 5-year-old anniversary and went through security and a body scan and a tsa agent asked her to step aside. what happens next makes her sick to her stomach. >> i'm standing here with my arms in the air and somebody's feeling my chest and everybody's working with me wondering what does this woman have on chest. >> she told the agent she had silicone implants and chemotherapy left with scar tissue. the agent never asked if she wanted a private pat down. >> i was just dumb struck. i just stood there while she ran her hands around my breasts and across them. >> reporter: she said those moments made her feel violated. >> i was so shocked i was numb and as the days went by i got angry and i thought i don't want this to happen to o me or another woman. >> reporter: we took her concerns straight to the tsa. despite advances in technology, a physical pat down is still necessary in
's certainly not the first woman to fall head over heels. see "sex and the city." remember carrie bradshaw's catwalk tumble? >> oh, my god. she's fashion roadkill. >> reporter: runways are littered with roadkill. wobbles, tumbles and wipeouts. at heathrow airport, lady gaga showed she wasn't the practical, rolling luggage type, and ended up rolling her ankles. but for the rest of us, why do we bother when we know it can end like this? the man behind those skyscraping red soles, christian louboutin, explained it to me like this. >> some women are not completely comfortable with their body. and even if you're not really comfortable with your body, you are comfortable with your feet. >> reporter: at the time, i was six months pregnant, so he proved it to me. hello, lovers! i think i just lost five pounds and ten years. fabulous. when you're talking seven-inch heels, practicality really isn't the point. >> i don't want these shoes to be comfortable shoes. >> reporter: they're not going to be birkenstocks. >> exactly. >> reporter: but with those higher heels comes higher risks. and a lesson. lo
's 150 people. we had our first report of a fatality, traffic related in montgomery county, the first fatality of this storm. we'll be seeing probably the highest waves coming up over ocean city that will happen about 8:30 tonight. there's a lot of tricky dynamics at play and all of them threatening the lives of our state. >> eight to 10 will make landfall and 8:25 the high tide. >> there's a full moon and all the other things as well. the storm is moving faster. so hopefully she will get heck out of maryland sooner than we anticipated. the earlier reports indicate she might sit on top of us and beat on us for an extbded p-p--- extended period of time. this will be a long night with a lot of snaps and breaking of big trees. people need to take precautions and stay indoors. >> a lot of big bridges, thoroughfares being closed. is the tydings bridge closed. >>> the tydings bridge -- i don't believe the tydings bridge has been closed. that's our last link to the shore. the hatem has been closed much the route 90 bridge over the bay at ocean city. that has been closed. and what else. the k
," it was commissioned in new york city. the destroyer is named for the first award d the medal of honor during that war in afghanistan. murphy was killed trying to save fellow s.e.a.l.s during an ambush back in 2005. >>> and nearly two dozen people were injured when a bus overturned in new jersey saturday. the bus traveling from toronto, canada, to new york went off an exit ramp sliding down an embankment before stopping finally on its side. eight of the passengers were critically injured, but none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. police believe the bus driver was driving too fast. >>> and finally here's somethi any football fan, well, any bratwurst fan would want at their tailgate today. thiss -- check this out -- the world's largest or rather longest bratwurst. a wisconsin supermarket set the record on saturday cooking and serving the 52-inch -- sorry, 52-foot, 2 inch sausage, even had a bun custom-made to fit it in the grocery store. the grocery store spent about $20,000 on the brat and organizing the event and shattered by the way the old record set by the bird hawk restaurant in ch
is a home sid, justified or unjustified. police first said he died after taking drugs while in custody but it was ruled he died of blunt force trauma a. >> baltimore city police shot a man in east baltimore. it happened in the 1500 block of eastlandville. police say officers responded to a call and when they arrived the suspect engaged them. >> one of the officers fired in defense and d. strike the suspect. the president ran up a block up the road. the activity was broadcast over the radio. others heard gun shots the first officer. the suspect was struck once in the leg. officers recovered a hand gun from the scene. they are rewaiting to hear his name. >> you want to smell the bakery, not smoke. but this is what took two and a half hours to put this out. with the four alarm fire back in june not even a block away. people who live here are concerned. >> every time i hear a fire truck or fire alarm it gets me so scared. i think are these people okay, is anyone hurt. is the building going to collapse. i mean just so many things. >> the cause of the fire still under investigation. rig
, it was one of the first and hardest hit areas in our state, now cleanup under way in ocean city. >> we'll tell you the governor's plan and how he was going to tour some of the areas hit most hard by the storm. he plans on doing that later on today. we have the details on what's going on. >>> and cameras were rolling, a lot of damage brought on by sandy. we're going to bring you some of those images that will surely leave an impression, kind of like that. you'll see what happens when the ground gets saturated. there you go. we're back in a minute. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> there is a lot of damage, we lost a pier and some sand. >> no doubt about it. they are cleaning up. today governor o'malley will come and survey the damage in ocean city.
for that first pitch, the chance for hit or mess showers, a mostly cloudy scenario. winds will be breezy. a passing shower in the course of the game. it's possible. 78 in baltimore. 72 in ocean city. the mountains are cooler. cool air will be the story for much of the weekend. it will be nice and warm. winds have not shifted. the frontal boundary have not arrived. we're still clear the entire state. clouds will move in to west virginia. they will peck up rain -- pick up rain. a close look reveal last line of showers tomorrow afternoon. however, the big change will happen as we get into sunday. sunday the cool air will come into the state and a developing coastal low could spean off a -- spin off a few showers. so it could be a raw, rainy day. it looks gray and much cooler as we work into the day on sunday. there's that cool hair in chicago, des moines. st. louis 46. so that is the air headed for us on sunday. right now nothing more than a few clouds in the lone star state. most of the rain is from missouri north and up through the region. as we take a look at the east coast we see that l
have great balconies overlooking the city life of los angeles. >> the two junior suites are generous in size. they both have fireplaces. one has a beautiful view of the los angeles skyline, the other is a view over the pool. the first room to the right of the stairs is a wonderful room. it has a lot of natural light, has its own balcony, whicoverlooks the los angeles skyline. leaving that room, you go into another room whichas a lot of natural light. this bedroom is a wonderful room. the dove gray on the walls complement it, make it very warm and inviting. the stand-on balcony it has is really beautiful. >> the crown jewel of dawnridge estate is a spacious top floor master suite that manages to encompass an indoor/outdoor feel. >> the masr suite is a very large suite. it almost acts as a living room/bedroom, which flows into a spa-like bathroom. >> the master retreat is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows with panoramic city views surrounding the suite. you have three balconies. one is the back balcony which overlooks the pool and the front balconies overlook the los angeles
they abducted several victims from bus stops if baltimore county and the city. the first two cases involve teen girls who were abducted from a bus stop in catensville, held at goiptd and sexually assaulted. -- gunpoint and sexually assaulted. >> police say one of the suspects abducted a man and a woman. both men are being held without bond. >>> fog still a factor out there, lauren. >>reporter: charley, the fog has started to dissipate, we do have our fair share of problems. an accident just cleared on the jfx, it was right on the northbound labors of northern parkway. you will want to expect delays traveling southbound from ruxton road to 28th street. we do have a crash right on northern parkway at york road that you'll want to keep in mind. big problems right now on the west side of the beltway. there's a crash in the outer loop at liberty road. here's what the beltway looks like in hartford. still a bit sluggish on the outer loop as you make the drive up towards providence road. that's a rook at the roads and here's lynette with a look at the forecast. >> good morning. yes, visibility is sti
drivers in one city. the children they have now and the city council members getting involved because of mistaken and fake bike lanes. they're popping up over the streets. >>> mounts bills on the first
of ball tell more city. >> that whole approach probably the longest 30 seconds of my life. >> state police first serjeant commanded the s.w.a.t. team that approached his caprice. the feds developed him as a suspect and because of snyder's ticket knew what car they were looking for early in the morning of october 24th it was spotted here at the rest stop off interstate p. o. 70. >> he briefed his team drawing accrued sketch like this one to plan the attack. after 90 minutes of practice, intelligence and shutting down roads, the team of six approached. >> there was no reaction. motionless. dead stairs. didn't say a word. they just, you know, mohammed put his hands up, he was in the back seat. he was removed from the car and mall bow was in the car and he was removed from the car. the whole time we had them in custody not one word spoken >>> no emotion displayed. just a blank stare. >> that is what he cannot forget to this day, the look of a cold calculatekiller who the feds say was poised to carry out shootings in the baltimore area next. a surprisingly peaceful end to a manhunt. both say it
situation from west to east. frederick clearing out first. sun over the high country to the west, sunset. then in baltimore clouds clearing, last, to the east it took longer but eventually skies clearing off down in ocean city. statewide under a nice, clear sky and that will make for mighty fine weather around here tomorrow. you can seat difference. humiddive levels dropping. even baltimore below 60. once we get a dew point number below 60 starts to feel more comfortable that. will stay through the day and temperature wise the drop across the state. in the 50s to the west. that's that cooler air pressing in from west to eastover the state. you can see the frontal boundary coming lue maryland. through the overall view there is that line of clouds, sparked a few showers as that frontal boundary pushed throughout of the west. now under a generally clear sky. just a few clouds, back down through cambridge and ocean city. a few clowes there. basically this boundary will keep pushing off shore and now the next one, this one marking the edge of some much cooler air. tomorrow, just dryer air. no
. it will be an early first pitch set for after 5:00. you may want to get out of work early. this is what we have been waiting 15 years for and the city is excited. and send your pictures to us. we have a slide show. we don't want to you forget about the other birds. they are leading now in the north with a 4-1 record. >>> her life was cut short by violence as it affects so many teens. tonight family and friends of the 16-year-old will hold a vigil. she has shot on sunday night. her friends say it will give everyone a chance to mourn the loss. police are looking for the girl's killer. they have little evidence right now but know she had multiple run ins with the law. >>> and law enforcement want to do everything they can to keep you safe by preventing accidental shootings. police are now calling on gun owners to secure the weapons. and the police chief and the county executive will announce a new gun law. the program is in response to the gun related incidents the two area schools. >>> and a student at perry hall and a victim of a shooting there. as he is recovering, the community wants to help out in
of rain and fog into your morning commute. look for 69 degrees and patchy dense fog. >>> police first told us that a man died from swallowing drugs. >> now a medical examiner's report says it's murder. >> jamie and kelly the report lists injuries to his ribs and spleen. three baltimore city officers are now on paid leave. >> reporter: following the his -- following his death it's been called police brutality. the 46-year-old had bluntfore injuries and his death is now ruled a homicide. on the evening of september 1 september 1st his family says he came out of a bar on bittal street when he was confronted by police. his mother, son, daughter, and two-year-old grand daughter was there. >> when hewe was telling them that tony was complaining of hurting and that he was just faking because he didn't want to go to jail, and that's not true. >> police confirmed that three officers are on paid leave and drugs were not a contributing factor to anderson's death. lice said he tried to swallow drugs. the family attorney said he will file a civil law suit claiming excessive force. >> people get taken d
map showing where the abuse happened across the u.s. you can see and search by city, state and by the date. >>> our description national investigative team are putting finishing touches regarding 30,000 of the files and we obtained and reviewed them. for the first time see the magnitude of the boy scout sex abuse scandal and how some of the scouts pleas went ignored and offenders were promised confidentiality. it's part of a 3-part series beginning october 28th on abc2 news. >>> 6:35. cheerleaders at a public high school can use bible verses to fire up football fans. the judge said stop enforcing the policy against the sign appearing to violate free speech. they were made on the students time with their money and off school property. a lawsuit over the policy is set to go to trial in june. >>> it's something she looked forward to for months but a teen missed out on her homecoming dance because of a overdue library book. dominic stearns is an accelerated reading program andchecked out a murder mystery 2 to 3 weeks ago and she said she offered to bring it back that day but sa
can see the waves coming up from ocean city. it's incredible. we're going to work on that. we're working on waiting on the governor. let's go over to mike masco and meteorologist wyatt everhart. >>> let's get to that first weather update. i tell you, hurricane sandy still a monster, monster storm. we're waiting for the fresh 5 p.m. update. we can see the storm clearly coming ashore southern new jersey. it's making landfall over the next hour or so. it's going to cross over central kept county delaware and come across through cease -- cease -- cecil, given the current movement of the storm. you see the size and scope of sandy, coming ashore at the southern tip of new jersey, basically rung up the delaware bay which may give it more time to maintain full strength, a little bit of additional water. now the huge storm surge we still anticipate being up here, central northern new jersey through the new england states and new york. again, we will have some of the worst rain and probably the worst rain in delaware and maryland. we will be the two hardest hit states. the eyewall comin
decade. and they're smaller cities that have been good at creating jobs. >>> many soda vending machines will soon dispense something new, information. labels listing the calorie count will be affixed to selection buttons. the first of the machines will roll out in chicago and san antonio earlier next year. they will include more low-calorie drinks. >>> and speaking of sodas and fast food and that sort of thing. >> that was a beautiful segue to our next story because a survey finds that wendy's really lives up to fast food. its window orders was 2:20 faster than taco bell. wendy's was also the only one to improve on last year's performance. always a dark side. it finished in the middle of the pack when it came to accuracy. wendy's number one, then taco bell, then, bojangles, mcdonald's, chick-fil-a and burger king. >> that's one thing i miss living in the city. no drive-through. wendy's used to be my go-to. >> i'm hungry. go ahead. you read that. >>> when we come back, unsportsman-like conduct. angry reaction after football fans cheer when their own quarterback is hurt. >> crazy story th
to the windy city where she met some of the children who live in fear. it is her first report in the special report "hidden america." >> reporter: tonight there are american children living in a war zone. >> my mom doesn't like me playing outside. she fears for my life. >> where did you get shot? >> in the head. >> reporter: a 6-year-old girl is killeden broad day light sitting on the porch getting her hair combed. in another neighborhood, another girl, 7 years old, shot dead. selling candien the front ya-- the front yard. tens of thousand of children trying to gang up in the neighborhood where gang members roam the streets some as young as 13, 14. some carrying assault weapons and shooting at random. in chicago, police are stretched thin. the mayor enraged. >> take your gang conflict away from a 7-year-old. who raised you? >> reporter: and one of the children in one of those neighborhood is a 7-year-old named ralph. who wants to surprise me. so he makes me go out and come in again. >> let's try it one more time. >> surprise? >> reporter: ralph is irrepressible vitality. >> that's it. >> rep
city mayor michael bloomberg is expected to be the one who rings that opening bell. this is the first time in more than 25 years that the markets closed due to a weather-related incident. >>> time now for a check of that forecast, where we stand today, the past several days have been very tough on the abc 2 news weather team. lynette is in now with maybe some good news. >> i do have some good news because things are going to start to get much better out there. let's start off with some temperatures. i'll step out so you can soak them all in. we're at 37 degrees in em etsburg, sparrows point coming in at 40, annapolis more of the same. gaithersburg 49, 42 in goldsboro and 40 in federalsburg. you get the picture this morning that we are chilly outside. this will continue for the next several days. so chilly this morning, even as we go into the afternoon we're still going to be dealing with chilly temperatures, so you really need that coat this morning and keep it as we go throughout the day. we do have the remnants of sandy still churning some snow, still a very large system, dropping
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